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How Often Do You Buy Toys for Your Dogs?

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    How Often Do You Buy Toys for Your Dogs?

    I couldn't help it. I spent half of my pocket money buying dog balls, some Kong squeakairs and a bunch of collars for the pack... Buchi even got a pair of new shoes because I'm trying to ease him out of the e-collar which he's been wearing for 6 months now.

    I think I'm buying too much, even though I only happen to do this once in every two months.

    How often do you buy toys for your pooch? What do you often buy for them?

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    Ahh I don't think there's such a thing as too much Haopee We are regularly buying toys, but to be fair it's mainly because we have such a high turnover of dogs passing through as we foster that toys get trashed in record time! I like to try and make sure my boy has two or three toys (including a tennis ball) that are for him only & not shared with fosters (we get them out whenever we're fosterless for him to enjoy).

    I personally think you can never have too many varieties of rope toy, kong toys etc - they keep the dogs entertained, stimulated and happy so the more the merrier in my mind! Most of the things we buy are cheap, less than 5 each but we do have a small selection of harder wearing toys that we spent a bit more on as we knew they'd last.

    I have recently seen a huge amount of interactive toys appearing nearly everywhere - the kind of things where you put a treat inside and the dog has to tip the toy from side to side until the treat falls out & similar. Apparently they're great for mental stimulation - has anyone used anything like that before? I suppose it's just a more complicated version of a kong type toy, where the dog just has to work a little harder to get the treat out?

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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