So I'm currently researching on Chronic Renal Failure management. It's a tough one...

According to the vet, we have to change Whitey's diet, especially since he is a senior. He's been with my sister's family for 10-11 years. That's quite a long life for a domestic dog, actually.

-If kidney failure is suspected, the vet will have to require you for your dog's blood chem.

-If he's severely dehydrated, admission might be imperative. Whitey was admitted for two days to replenish his fluids. It wasn't enough, but it'll do until we nurse him back.

-If your dog is lethargic and no longer able to eat, admission IS imperative. Even though Whitey was still eating, but because he was barely eating and drinking water, we decided to have him admitted.

-If your dog does have kidney failure, dietary management will be necessary. As per the vet's orders, she's required us to feed Whitey raw or steamed (preferably steamed). Protein intake is also lesser.

-Finally, kidney supplements might also be needed your dog's recovery. This might include iron and electrolyte replenishment. Diuretics are also usually part of recovery.