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Best saltwater beginner fish

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    Best saltwater beginner fish

    Really need some advice

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    Blue damsels and some wrasses are good beginner saltwater fish. Clownfishes are only nice if you have some established anemones already.

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    clownfish are good, but then they are also rather aggressive and destructive. Blue Damsels are a good starter fish too.

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    I kind of think a person should have a freshwater aquarium first. Possibly for several years. Then they would know more or less the ins and outs of water chemistry, fish choice, tank size, cleaning tanks etc. I aspire to have a salt water tank but it is super expensive. If I were to start, I would get some live rock, good strata and before getting fish start with sea slugs, snails, shrimp, clams, starfish, anemonies, and then get some easy care salt water fish. At least 1000 dollers would be spent before even getting the fish.

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    Damselfish are the best beginner salt water fish due to their hardy and undemanding nature. However, they tend to become aggressive as they grow bigger.

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