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First reptile?

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    Question First reptile?

    So I was rally thinking about getting a reptile, preferable a lizard. I was thinking either a leopard gecko, blue tongued skink, or a crested gecko. Problem is, my parents aren't to fond of the insectivore thing. I know leos need insects, and cresties and go without them. What about the skink? Does it HAVE to eat insects and if it does can it eat mealworms?

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    Blue tongue skinks do require whole prey to stay healthy a long with plant matter making up a good portion of its diet.

    There are a few insects that you can use. Superworms, crickets, earthworms, roaches, silk worms etc. Meal worms are a poor choice of insect in the reptile community. They are mostly shell and little meat.

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    Thnx do you know if the insects have to be alive? Or can the be dead?

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    Knowing skinks, they can eat it dead or alive. They find it more appealing alive though. Skinks are very opportunistic feeders depending on what species you get.

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