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New Baby

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    New Baby

    Hi all, I know this is probably a topic that is covered a lot- however in my googling I've only found help for *before* or *introducing* baby.

    My sister just brought home her very first baby today <3

    I tried helping them to prepare their dog for the baby, but they live in another state and I'm certain they did not prepare. So now the baby is home, and the furbaby is not handling it very well.

    He is not being aggressive as of yet, but they say he gets very excited and licks, and even jumped up to her in my sisters arms. They have no plans at all of getting rid of him, ever, but he is a large dog and that could have easily knocked her over. They say his behavior is worrisome and could easily turn aggressive with how excited he is getting. From what I am getting is he is just trying to figure her out and they worry he may try to prove dominance. I don't believe he is fixed (would have to double check) but he is very well socialized, but this is the first baby he has ever seen. I know a lot of the time they just see them as weird puppies and will try to treat them as such.

    Any tips on how to help him adjust better would be wonderful, and thank you in advance!

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    Let the dog smell the baby's things, like its blanket and clothes then gradually let him sniff the baby. He will adjust, he just doesn't know what it is. Just be careful with the baby around him, he will adjust and maybe even turn protective of the baby.
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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