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Stopped Big Box Turtle from Going Into Traffic

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    Stopped Big Box Turtle from Going Into Traffic

    Yesterday I saw a big box turtle who came out of a large open space wildlife area walking on the sidewalk toward a street with 40mph traffic. I was able to gently pick him up and put him back onto the grass and head him in a safe direction. I remember having to do this one time before, many years ago. It's so sad to see animals in the street that have been run over, I'll break for any kind of creature.

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    Good job, Alpha. Hugs!

    I hate to see dead animals on the road. Once, I saw a very tiny kitten get run over by a car. It was horrifying, even my nieces couldn't take it off their mind.

    Although I'm not a big lover of cats, I can't resist them being left in the road. I got to pick one up last semester. I was on an early morning stroll when I saw him meowing. I placed him back with the other noisy kittens hidden in the bushes. It was a safer place than to leave him in the middle where a motorcycle or a car can ran over him.

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