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Acting out?

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    Acting out?

    Is my dog acting out when she does her business on my floor after just being let outside to do it?

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    Possibly, I know a situation where my friend has a dog and if they come home after being gone awhile and they let the dog out and then leave again soon after, the dog will have an accident on the floor every time. I have another friend who's dog pees on the floor everytime someone comes over because they get too excited. So it could be anything really.

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    I'd stay outside with her for awhile, and when she does her business, reward her with praise (or treats, or both). Positive attention when they're doing the right things can work miracles.

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    I agree. Stay our with her for awhile. She might be too excited out side to do any business. If that doesn't help, maybe leave her out by herself for awhile incase she doesn't feel comfortable going with someone waiting on her.

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    It depends. When you let her out have you been gone all day? She may be doing it on purpose if you don't let her out enough or if you are gone alot of the day. Try taking her outside and staying out there until you see that she goes.

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