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Cleaning calcium build up on tank?

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    Question Cleaning calcium build up on tank?

    I'm going to be moving my turtle to a new room soon and I want to clean her tank before I do. It has calcium built up on the sides from the well water. Are there any safe, easy ways to remove it without harmful chemicals that can hurt my turtle?

    If it's just hot water (with the turtle out of the tank) and an aquarium sponge that's fine but I figure there just may be some other tips I don't know.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Hot or warm dechlorinated water mixed with a little vinegar, lime juice or diluted bleach (unrinsed bleach dries out in contact with the air and turns to saltwater contrary to popular belief that residues are dangerous.)

    You do need to do the procedure twice after drying the tank the first time though.

    And make sure to fill your turtle tank with dechlorinated water so future mineral build-ups could be avoided or at least reduced. I think there are also available water conditioners to soften the water

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