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What could be wrong with my dog?

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    What could be wrong with my dog?

    My dog is in a lot of pain and her stomach is bloated. She is 5 yrs old and has not been fixed. I took her to a vet, he said she didn't have a fever and all blood tests are normal. The vet thought she might have
    pymetra, but her white blood count came back normal. He said it would probably come back elevated, but it is normal.

    She has had this for over a week. Some days she appears almost back to normal and the next day she's in pain again and can barely move. She's done this several times.

    No vomiting, and she has been having bowel movements, just not as often. Any thoughts?

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    It could be gas. Have you tried switching dog foods? Or giving her easily digestible food like plain chopped and boiled meat? Lessening her intake into small frequent meals would also do.

    I'm a little worried about the pain, because it does sound like bloat, especially if her tummy doesn't go back to its normal size. Of course, bloat can affect a dog instantaneously. Did the vet have any x-ray done on her tummy area?

    Try reading this:

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