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Metal eating dog

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    Metal eating dog

    Do any fellow pet owners know why a dog would eat metal? My dog Whiskey chews zippers, wires, buttons and anything that's metal and i can not leave anything hanging on a chair

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    I think when they're bored and their chewing habits aren't directed to things they can chew on, they'll chew anything including metal, rocks, etc. When I'm training a puppy at home, my husband I keep a small rawhide knuckle bone in our pocket, so it's handy. As soon as we catch them chewing on something bad, we calmly but firmly say "No", and then exchange it with the knuckle bone. When they lose interest in the bone and leave it on the floor, we pick it up, pocket it and start over until training is complete.

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    Some dogs are just crazy.. when I got my last dog, she would only go for electronics. Alarm clocks, computer mice, cds, radios, etc. It was so weird. She didn't touch any of the normal doggie stuff.

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    My dog didn't chew stuff either, except when he was a really small baby he would chew our hands and stuff but never really items. I think it was in part due to my elderly dog's instruction, because he didnt really have a mom he got taken away at a really young age.
    So my doggy rasmus took care of him and raised him. But as far as training, I'm not sure. But that is a really good tip, alpha1 I'll be sure to remember that if my friends ever run into this problem

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