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Looking to get my first reptile

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    Looking to get my first reptile

    Hey there, I am looking in to getting my first reptile! I have had several pets in the past, such as a guinea pig, rats etc. but i've always wanted a reptile, and now is the time I want to get one. I have been doing a fair bit of research on the internet lately about getting one. At first I was very interested in ball pythons, however my mom is absolutely terrified of snakes so unfortunately that is not an option. I would prefer something that is fairly handleable, and fairly easy to care for. I am willing to spend a fair bit on this animal, however I was still looking for something like 10 gallon, maybe 20 but not much more than that. So I was thinking about leopard geckos maybe? One of my biggest interests is a tortoise, I know they would need a much larger enclosure soon, but how long would they be happy in a 20 gallon?

    So guys, what are your suggestions for the best first reptile pet?

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    Just looking for what your favorite reptile is!

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    I would say a bearded dragon, but those often need a bigger 35-40 gallon tank as they grow. Leopard geckos are smaller and come in a bunch of cool morphs (BDs do too) but I wouldn't keep any more than one or two in a 20-gallon.

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    Leopard geckos are nice but i dont suggest getting more than one if you dont have any reptilian experience yet. Try waiting for a year end tank sale, you could get a nice big tank then start setting up and then we can discuss what you should put in it

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    Dirunal or Nocturnal?
    Life Span?
    Small or Big or doesn't matter?
    How much time do you have?
    Age (You don't have to say if you don't want to)?

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    Well, i'll suggest two animals, but they aren't animals that you can really handle and spend time with, sorry. I recommend a desert tortoise, but only if you live in a hot climate. I also recommend a red eared slider water turtle, which you won't be able to handle at all.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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