Hi, I'm Chelsea. I am a 22 year old college student and part-time front desk clerk at a local hotel. My dog and best friend of 8 years, Bane, was recently diagnosed with bladder stones and after trying everything within my power to let the situation fix itself, the vet has now informed me that he needs surgery to have the stones removed. I'm not really sure if this is a good place to be posting this, but I am feeling pretty hopeless and out of options. Between school, bills, feeding and taking care of Bane, I don't see any way that I can afford his surgery on my salary alone. I know it is asking a lot to assist someone whom you've never met or know nothing about, but without a little help I'm not sure how to move forward in this situation. I don't know what I would do without my dog. I can't imagine a life without him and it's literally breaking my heart not being able to help him get the surgery he needs and deserves on my own. If anyone reading this would be willing to donate just a few dollars, or pass the Gofundme page I created along I would appreciate it more than I can express in words.

This is a link to the Gofundme fundraiser page I have created for Bane: