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Transfer from a bigger to a smaller tank ok?

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    Transfer from a bigger to a smaller tank ok?

    Have a 60l aqua one AR60 tank that has a pump, and filters along top.

    Long story short. Got 2 goldfish left in now, the tank keeps leaking from the top, sick now so happy to get rid anyway. It's caused too many leaks and ruined floors.

    We'll not be getting anymore fish, reason in first place was the previous goldfish got to big for the other bowl, decided to get this tank for them. But will it be ok now going the other way and just getting a bowl/orb tank with no filter/pump etc in and putting them into it?

    Going frown a 60l what's the minimum I should goto, litre wise? The fish I would say are about 3-4" maybe long.

    Am I ok to buy a none and filtered pumped tank now as well for less hassle? Current tank is a standard shape type, ok to get a different shape as in a taller one?

    They are very hearty fish I have to say, we've never out treatments in, water is just changed, refilled etc.


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    Honestly, 60L (15 gallon) is way to small even for a single goldfish. Bashers would recommend 10 gallon per inch of 1 goldfish but usually 20 gallon per goldfish is suffice. Goldfish are better off in ponds anyways

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    Bashers? Obviously the bigger the better I agree, but there's only 2 in there now, I can't afford another leak so a sealed tank will be better, just wondered if they would be ok transferring, to a smaller tank, and boot with pump etc...?

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    If they are fancy goldfish, they get about 6 inches long, if they are commons they can get 10 inches to a foot long. Goldfish need a filter. They poop a lot, and are considered very messy fish. So they need a filter. Consider an enclosed tub, like a clear plastic storage bin. Many fish keepers use these as temporary or long term indoor ponds. Fish tanks can be re-sealed. You just scrape off the old inner caulk, and replace with new fresh caulk. Having a drip pan with a lip is important for a fish tank. I do not know where you live, but Petco and maybe Petsmart too have periodic doller a gallon sales. You can buy a 40 gallon tank for 40 dollers. My plan would be to get the fish settled in a 9.95 storage bin with filter, and save up money, and wait for those sales. I believe there is one going on now. They happen a few times a year. Also, get a drip pan. A good one can be found at auto stores for 10 dollers. It is an under car oil drip pan to save garage floors. Other drip pans can be made or found. It is a matter of putting a high lip on a waterproof surface.

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    Don't ever go filterless trust me, goldfish are cuties but have you considered looking into other species? If your tank is leaking you have to do what you have to do. My current setup and I know people will freak but it works for me and I've had no casualties and no problems they are all happy is; 10gal tank - 4 snails & 1 pleco to clean the tank walls, 4 Cory Dora to keep the bottom cleaned, 1 male Betta who has never harmed the other fish, 4 or so neon tetras and 4 or so glow light tetras, and 4 glofish.

    Plenty of room contrary to what many have said and I'm sure many will say, when I first got them an employee was telling me how the tank was too small and they'd eat each others fins off and she begged me to not buy them, I was upset because I wasn't stupid I had done my research and long story short I bought them and they're completely fine and quite happy.

    Crazy thing is they have more room in my tank with a nice filtration system, bubbler, hiding spots, real plants and so forth then they had at the store. I think people quickly forget just how cramped these fishes are in stores it's ridiculous just look at poor Bettas having to live in cups so as long as a fish can swim and have some it should be fine. I'm not the best on goldfish because I prefer warmer water fish and less messier fish but as long as it's bigger then those small cramped places in those stores or pet shops I can safely say it'll be alright.

    But trust me don't go without a filter, also it's good to consider using real plants it helps amp up the oxygen levels and keep the ammonia and stuff down. - good luck.

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