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Failed rat euthanasia

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    Failed rat euthanasia

    Hi, I have snakes and wanted to humanely euthanize a rat so he could go through as little suffering as possible. I tried the vinegar and baking soda method. They rat looked as if he was going through a lot of suffering during the experience. I just prayed for it to be over and after about 3 mins. He was still breathing and I opened the lid. I washed him off as some vinegar spilled over and I put him back in his house. I felt extremely bad and don't know what to do. Will the rat be effected or what? I feel terrible about the whole thing and now regret getting pet snakes. Although they have NO choice but to eat these animals. I don't even eat meat and try to practice compassion. So what can I do? And is the rat going to recover fully?

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    Depending on the kind of snakes you have, you could just feed thawed frozen if it would make you feel better. I know ball pythons are notoriously picky but I'm not sure about other types of snakes.

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    So sorry to hear that, i actually love rats as pets so that was hard to read. Just try feeding frozen ones instead.

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    I'm a big fan of rodents but as a ball python owner I know they pretty much only eat mice / rats so what I do is feed frozen / thawed rats. If you're squeamish and you feel you cannot do this there is no harm in rehoming don't beat yourself up, you seem like a compassionate person.

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