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Severe skin problem

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    Severe skin problem

    I have a blue nose pit bull who has dry grey flaky skin I try to keep her from
    Scratching and chewing but it seems like it's getting worse. The scabs turn a green yellow color and her armpits seem like they're sweating and we try to bathe her once in a while to keep her skin clear but idk what's happening the vet gave us shampoo and it doesn't work.

    She gets all red and itchy then scabs up from chewing and we try to keep and eye on her at all times but it's not enough because she still goes at it. We've tried hot spot antiseptic and doesn't seem to help. Idk what to do anymore and it's only on her underneath torso, arms and feet I can provide pictures of needed

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    what are you feeding her? Dogs should be on a raw diet or a high quality grain free food. The corn and wheat causes allergies in some dogs. If its not the food then its envriomental. That will be harder to detect. You need to take her to a dog dermatologist, they will do skin scrapings and find out exactly what she is allergic to. Then they will make up a mixture to be given in shot form every ten days to keep it under control. Do not let them prescribe Atopica (cortosporin) they may suggest that to calm down the skin. Atopica has been known to cause cancer.

    In the meantime don't use anything scented around her, no scented soap or shampoo, no perfume on yourself ect. You might try using bag balm on the scabs and hot spots. First you need to shave the hair around it down to the skin, wash the area with disinfectant then put the bag balm on. Bag balm will cure pretty much anything. You can get it at a drug store but will be cheaper if you go to a farmer's grain store.
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    12,353 Dinovite is a supplement that you buy online that is known to be good for skin allergies. I use it for my dog, too, I bought it when his health started deteriorating from old age.

    I would start mixing a spoonful of virgin coconut oil in her food daily, that will help moisturize the skin, and it's an anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial. You can also apply it topically, but it is oily on carpets and furniture unless it completely soaks in. Fish oil also helps the skin.

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    Your dog has a moist dermatitis (arm pits) with a secondary staph. infection (yellow lesions). You did not mention your dog's age but usually chronic skin problems have allergy implications. Your vet will likely give your dog something to slow down the itching and an antibiotic to clear up the infection. If so, make sure you give a probiotic during that period. Allergies indicate immune imbalance and that is synonymous with unhealthy gut. Unhealthy gut is usually caused by feeding processed foods which causes inflammation and leaky gut syndrome. Feed a balanced diet using wholesome food and get your dog started on Standard Process Immune Support to help the gut heal. I would recommend finding a veterinarian that does Chinese medicine as these dogs fall into the category of damp heat excess. There are some good herbal formulas that will help clear the skin and the diet change will keep it from coming back.

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