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In over my head!

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    In over my head!

    My neighbor found a puppy abandoned at her job and brought her home to me knowing I love dogs. But I am having the hardest time house breaking and training her in general! its very frustrating but I can't image re-homing her because I already love her! But Ive never really had to fully train a dog before and quickly realized I'm in over my head. My other dog was trainied when I got her from craigslist, so I just had to show her where and she will go to the door and let you know she has to go out. I would pay for training but financially im already strapped so that's just not an option at this time.

    One issue is I work during the day so the poor thing is crated a lot! As soon I get home, I take her straight out. She has shown progress there as she used to take forever to go but now she goes out and knows what to do a bit quicker. Then I fill her food and water and try to take her out again about 30 minutes after that. I'm finding that she will go out and pee more consistently now, but #2 ...its like she saves it for the house!!! And even #1 doesn't matter how many times we go out...she will always come in and do it again.

    My home is beginning to smell and there's not enough carpet shampoo in the world to keep up with her. I try to reinforce her outdoor activity with praise and treats but I dont know what to do when she goes inside. If I catch her in the act its like she gets the "oohooh" eyes and immediately runs. She seems to understand what "no" means when I say it- then I take her back outside but nothing is working. I simply dont know what to do. I especially dont know how to get her not to go inside, and how to let me know if she has to go out again like my other dog who goes to the door when she must go.

    Other training isnt going well either. Sit and stay are all ive done but she only does it when "She feels like it" which is only when she sees the treat. No treat no sit. She wont let me clip her nails so myself and my daughter are scratched daily! Very hyper little lady. Think she may be a bit aggressive so I really need help to get her under control.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    I will give you my crash course in housebreaking. Keep her crated or leashed to you at all times until you can trust her. Teach her a word like "outside" if you catch her starting to squat say NO, "outside" stay out with her until she goes then give her praise and a treat. Once outside say "go potty" she will come to know the words and you will have taught her to go on command.

    No food or drink after a certain time, what doesn't go in doesn't have to come out. Take some of her poop outside and put it where you want her to go, let her sniff it, it may stimulate her to go. Praise and treats and teaching her words will go a long way in training. You don't mention about how old she is, pups have a very short attention span, a ten minute training session several times a day will accomplish more than longer training times, she will get bored and loose interest.

    If she is really young don't push the obedience training to fast, one thing at a time. First get the housebreaking done then you can move on to other things. This is the training method I use with my dogs and have them trained in less than three weeks, not to the point where I'd leave them out of the crate for long periods if I wasn't home but they do know to let me know when they want to go out.

    Don't go the puppy pad or newspaper route, you will only have to retrain them later to go outside. Do it once, do it right and its over and done with. As far as not wanting her nails done that is another issue, my shepherd is the worse ever for that, she has to be muzzled to do them. If you think she is showing aggressive tendencies now is the time to stop it. She needs to be socialized with other people and other dogs and or cats.

    There is no such thing as an untrainable dog, its just you have to get on their level and let them know what you want and expect of them. They do want to please you, its up to you to show them what you want. If you need further help don't hesitate to ask.
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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