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Anyone ever buy products for your pet off the Internet?

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    I think is a 'no brainer' that buying on internet allow you to find cheaper products and you can also find a much larger selection of items. Not to mention the comfort of shopping from your bedroom, whenever you feel like
    Lots of sellers offer free shipping and even if you might need to wait for approximately two weeks for delivery, it is worth the price!

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    I almost buy everything online. Cheap, convenient, usually fast, why not?

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    When I wanted to get a dog door for my Loki, golden mix rescue, I tried to look locally but I couldn't find anything that suited my needs. Sometimes it is nice to purchase things online because they are much more knowledgeable about their niche products. There are also a lot more options online at a better price!

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    The internet is a great place to buy things from.

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    Hi there!

    I recently started buying dog toys from Mav4Life online and my dog and I are very satisfied with them! They look exactly like they do in the picture and my dog has not gotten tired of them yet. They're great for fetch and he loves playing with them just by himself too. I got the 15" toy because that one looked good for my dog's size but I will definitely be trying more of them later. I would save I've gotten my money's worth and it was a good online shopping experience too

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