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Gerbils Fight Club

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    Gerbils Fight Club

    My friend's Gerbils are always involved in skirmishes. They were brought in at different times and I guess they haven't accepted each other fully. Although they eat from the same bowl, they sometimes engage in deadly fights, causing serious disturbance in the house. My friend is worried that they might kill each other. What should he do?

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    Separate them. Since they are fighting, I assume both of them are male? While male gerbils can live together, introducing them to quickly will cause fighting if they weren't littermates (siblings) Adopt the split cage method and buy a screen to separate their enclosure into two equal parts. They will become used to each other they can have supervised play time on neutral ground (another bin or cage) for a few mins. After a while (could be days, could be weeks and rarely it could be never) they will be comfortable with each other. They might still wrestle but they shouldn't actually fight. These all apply to females as well, but males general fight more aggressively.

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