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SUGGESTION: Pet Related ; Mini-games!

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    Lightbulb SUGGESTION: Pet Related ; Mini-games!

    - Pet Trivia: Pet trivia is where you can pick on what pet category (ex. hamster, fish, dog, etc.) and it will take you to a trivia. example, if you click on dog, it will ask a question about a dog, and there could be 4 choices to pick from, and only one of the choices is right.
    *it could help improve the site.
    *it might keep most users stay active.
    *this mini-game might help users who don't know as much about pets!

    -Pet Grooming: Pet grooming is where you can groom a virtual pet, by brushing, washing, drying, etc.
    *it could help improve the site.
    *it might keep most users stay active.

    -That's all i have for now, if i get anymore ideas, i will edit, or post other ideas in reply.

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    Thanks for your suggestion Dashing Crumbles, but we're not interested in such games here on the forum, it's more of a discussion board rather than gaming. However, if anyone wants to start a simple word game here, like alphabetical dog breeds, etc., they can do so in the Chitchat section. We've done a few in the past without much interest.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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