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Sugar free starlite mints from Food Lion

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    Sugar free starlite mints from Food Lion

    Does anybody know if the sugar free red/white swirly peppermint candies from Food Lion (Delhaize, Sweetbay, Hannaford, and that group) contain xylitol? I caught my 4-month old puppy with one today. She ate about half of it. I don't THINK they contain it - I think it's Splenda (sucralose) but I can't find the ingredients list anywhere and I don't have the bag any more.

    I haven't seen any adverse effects other than she seems kind of worn out this evening, but it has gotten hot out (mid 80s) this week and I want to rule out the candy.


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    I just searched it, and it looks like they use Nutra Sweet, which is aspartame. Xylitol is very dangerous to pets, good that you're concerned.

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