Iím a business student at Idaho State University currently finishing up my degree with one last project over the summer. My assignment is to work with a client who wants to build custom-made steel fish tank stands (all sizes) for the Southern Idaho/Northern Utah markets. To this end, I have spoken with numerous small, medium, and large pet stores throughout the area and have a good idea about product demand amongst this group. What Iím lacking, however, is information about demand from the actual end consumers and so I am seeking out help in this forum.

Is there anyone on here willing to share their insights? Specifically, in your personal experience what do most people use to hold their tank? How popular are steel tank stands? Is this an item most people buy directly from the store or is there a desire to have a custom design. Finally, how do people respond to price (e.g., is the cheapest option usually the best or do people appreciate higher end quality)?

I do realize that I am researching a small geographic area and this is a national forum. Please feel free to share your experience no matter where you live. Thanks in advance for any assistance. Any information is appreciated.