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how do I post pics

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    how do I post pics

    Can someone e tell me how to post pictures

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    If you want to start an album you can upload pictures from your computer. If you want to insert in a thread I usually just right clip and copy to insert the photo. I'm not that technically inclined but I hope this helps somewhat.

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    You can upload a photo from your computer by clicking on the "Insert Image" icon above your post . Click on "From Computer", "Browse" to locate the image, "Open" and "Upload". To use a photo from another website, copy full URL of photo (not webpage) , click on "Insert Image" icon, click on URL, copy and paste.

    Another way to add a photo to your post is to click on "Go Advanced" under the post, if you're not there already. Then, below the post, click on "Manage Attachments". Click on "Add Files", browse your computer for the photo, open, and click on "Upload". When it's uploaded, click on "Insert Inline"...and it will go into the post you're working on.

    You can also start a photo album, and upload the photo into that. Then you can use the same "Insert Image" icon, click on "URL", then paste the copied BB code from the photo in your album.

    If your photos are bigger than 1024x768, they will be re-sized automatically during the upload. After the automatic re-size, the file size will be reduced below 300KB (most will be smaller than 200K). So, you don't have to reduce the file size. But some photos can be very big, you can save some upload time if you reduce them before the upload.

    To create a photo album:

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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