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Please help very sick cats + open staples after getting one fixed

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    Exclamation Please help very sick cats + open staples after getting one fixed

    About a week ago my family member called me saying she had put her cat into the shelter because she was having another liter and she still had the previous 4 kittens and was very upset because she couldn't keep her. She took her to the shelter, they aborted the kittens and fixed her. which we both were very sad about

    they were having a 10 dollar pet adoption sale, so I went and adopted her for her and agreed to take care of her because she felt terrible about what she did, what they failed to tell me is that the all the cats had upper respiratory infections and that she needed medicine. A day or two later I noticed her wheezing and shaking, runny nose & eyes so I immediately took her and they gave me free medicine they were supposed to give me.

    What problem was is that I now have 3 other cats that are sick because of this. I do not have the money to take them all to the vet to get medicine and I feel they should be responsible and at least let me know I should keep her away from the other cats and when I touch her I should wash my hands but by the time I knew it was too late!!

    When I took her back they noticed her stitches were messed up so they stabled her up and I put her e collar back on but she flailed around so hard she ripped a small hole and they told me I would have to pay if that happened. I dabbed peroxide around the area, but a bandaid on and gauze and wrapped it up so she won't be able to do any more harm, and put her in her carrier cage so she cant flail around with a heating pad, Ive had to force feed her and give her the antibotics.

    What the hell do I do???? I feel like they should be held accountable for this I don't have 300 dollars to pull out of my pocket. I just don't have the money there. They told me to apply for a care credit card but Im young so I don't even have credit, tried and they denied me. Please help

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    To begin with your friend is irresponsible in not having her spayed before she started having litters. No excuse for that, if they don't have the money there are plenty of places to take the cat for either free or very reduced prices. But whats done is done, just hope she has sense enough to spay and neuter the kittens she kept.

    respiratory infections are very contagious, by now any other cat she has been in contact with will get it. Those cats need a round of anti biotics and be kept away from other cats until they are well.

    For the hole in her stitches, that is not really a big deal, just keep it clean, wash it with peroxide and put bag balm or neosporin on it and do not cover it, let the air get at it to heal. If its all or most of the staples coming out then you do need to take her to a vet. How long has it been since she was spayed? Within ten days it should be pretty much healed, they usually take the stitches out after that anyway.

    Its good that you saved the cat but the whole situation would never have happened if your friend was a responsible pet owner.
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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