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Rest Peacefully Dear Hans

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    After Saav shared her story about losing her sweet dog Lilly, I really felt her pain and was saddened by the news. A few nights later I had a dream of my Hans, he was in my back yard and I was surprised to see him there. He was beautiful, perfectly groomed, coat just shiny and glistening and he stood proudly, but did not show any playfulness or tail wagging, only serenity.

    I excitedly called him onto the porch where my husband was, and when he came to me, I gently stroked him and was in awe just to see him again. I told my husband, 'look honey!', 'it's Hans'!, "Hans is here'! My husband didn't hear my words in the dream, nor did he see our beloved Hans. The reality came over me in the dream that I was dreaming, it was like a lucid dream, and that my sweet boy wasn't really there with us.

    Just then I woke up for the morning, and as I reviewed the dream in my mind, the tears started to flow. I felt very sad, I miss him so much. When my husband noticed there was a problem with me, he asked me what was the matter. When I told him, I just broke down and he comforted me telling me I was lucky to have such a nice dream of Hans, and he wishes he could have a dream like that.

    I have to admit I was kind of down all that day, and I'm still emotional just writing this, but I wanted to share. I had already told Saav about the dream, since it was the loss of her dear Lilly that must have triggered my dream state. It really affects our minds and hearts when we lose our furbabies, never an easy time for any of us.

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    It's so very tough my friend but I'm glad you shared your feelings. Hans was such a handsome sweet boy and I made his photo my computer wallpaper. Reality can bite it sometimes. Although our furry family who've passed are still in our hearts and memories we always wish they were physically here as well.

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    I like to think when we have a dream about them its their way of visiting us and letting us know they are ok
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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