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Good small pet for me?

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    Good small pet for me?

    I'm at college. I'm away from home for 7 hours due to college (Including getting to and from at college) 3 days a week due to college.
    I'm looking for a pet that's Dirunal (awake in the day) I've already had a hamster and 2 guinea pigs when I was in secondary school. So don't mention those please. I'm looking for a different pet that I haven't had. So what do you recommend?

    Looking for a small pet that's:
    • Dirunal
    • can be handled
    • Small

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    I think rats would work for you. They do need lots of interaction though and you are gone for seven hours during the day so you would have to devote a lot of time to them. They also are crepuscular, which means they are awake some of the day and some of the night. Males like to be handled more than females.

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    I say get two cats, they will keep you company when you are home and keep each other entertained when you are away. They don't need to be walked food, water and a litter box and they are all set
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    I totally agree with Linda, a cat will suit you just fine.

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    Rats are really awesome pets.
    I've had two males and two females. You do want to socialize with them everyday and as often as you can of course and both sexes have their advantages and disadvantages such as scent and usual temperament. You do always want to get at least two. Fail to socialize with them and they will be less social towards you. I usually will akin them to miniature dogs.

    I've recently gotten a mouse though, and I've found that they are a pretty similar to rats but with less maintenance.
    Mice take up less space than rats do (bare minimum speaking) and don't require as much stimulation.
    Female mice live in groups and a male mouse can live alone. It wouldn't hurt to socialize with them as often as you can though. I'm away from home often and handle my boy whenever I can, yet he's pretty tame despite the few days I am away.

    Rodents do come with a smell that you should keep in mind. Regular cleanings will dispel most of it.
    Rats hold a special place in my heart, but for someone who can't spend as much time with them, a mouse suits me fine.

    Maybe they would for you too.

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