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Helping guinea pigs adjust to their new home, any tips?

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    Helping guinea pigs adjust to their new home, any tips?

    I just purchased two adult male guinea pigs who had a previous home before me, and they're pretty nervous about their new situation.

    Every time I enter the room they flee to a corner in the cage where they feel safe.
    I know this is normal and I'm not going to rush the little guys, but what should I be doing to help them feel more comfortable to the home and eventually used to me?

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    I think they're nervous to begin with and are probably fearful in their new environment. It will take some time for them to settle down and trust you. If it were me, I'd be sure they're in an area without too much noise or traffic. I'd spend some time alone with them, speaking gently and reassuringly so they see you as a friend who won't harm them. I think if you do things like that often, at least several times a day, they'll soon have no problem coming to you and interacting with you. Good luck, I think with a little patience you'll all be very happy and content. My niece had just one guinea pig who was her buddy, she'd have him on the bed with her when she studied, etc.

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