we all have a certain dog breed that we favor! but, we still agree that we love all kind of dogs and animals!
today we will talk about German Shepherds! they are amazing handsome dogs!
1- German Shepherd is a smart dog breed – The greatest percentage of the police dogs all across the world are German Shepherd Dog’s. They are a very intelligent dog breed and could easily learn what you want them do.

2- German Shepherd appreciates their owner and guard them.

3- German Shepherd is special on energy levels – The energy levels of German Shepherd is great so they don’t get wasted so soon.

4- German Shepherd is faithful and can get and do anything.
5- German Shepherd is one of the best guard dog breeds – they have served as a police dog for many years, they understand how to keep their family protected. They are one of the best defender dog breeds that are recognized to save their family from enemies.

6- German Shepherd make enjoyable partner – They are patient and have a friendly tone towards their family. Yes, they can’t be so friendly with strangers but for well-known faces they work as an excellent companion
7- German Shepherd are frequently healthy if kept on a healthy diet – German Shepherd Dogs should be kept on a healthy diet and should be provided with proper grooming and attention. If you are committed enough towards your dog, they will be a healthy dog.

8- German Shepherd loves kids if provided the proper socialization discipline from an early age – German Shepherd Dogs love to play with children if they are taught properly to do so when they are young. Proper puppy training is necessary besides love, attention and regard towards your pooch. Furthermore, make sure not to permit kids to play with the dog while eating or attempting to remain alone.
9- German Shepherd can readily adapt to any lifestyle which is considered one of the greatest things about German Shepherd Dogs. So no difficulty to accommodate your day according to your dog, your dog can comfortably settle itself and suit your lifestyle.
10- German Shepherd need thirty minutes of activity so they will make you healthy as well – German Sheperd Dogs can encourage you to stay wholesome. Yes, they need at least 30 minutes of everyday exercise since they are an active dog kind so exercising and playing with your German Shepherd dog will ultimately make you healthy.