Our family has dogs and cats, and now that our little dog Spunky is elderly, we're faced with her health problems and the fact that she won't be with us much longer. Death is never easy to talk about, especially with children. I decided to look on Amazon for a book about talking with my kids about pet loss. I found a book Pet Loss: A Spiritual Guide by Julia Harris which talks about making the decision about euthanasia, if pets have souls, if pets go to heaven and how to heal grief. There's a special section for helping children cope. It's the third book I've read on pet loss and it is the best. Amazon has an author page for her that listed her blog petshavesouls.com and I highly recommend that if you don't want the book you check out the blog as theres helpful advice there too. We're not a religious family, and she quotes Bible scripture, but that turned out to be very helpful for my youngest daugther who is very spiritual. I didn't even know the Bible had scripture about animals. Like, Jesus says in Luke 12:6 of the birds of the air that “not one of them is forgotten before God.”

If you have a book on pet loss you think would be helpful, we'd sure appreciate to know about it.