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Baby python is learning to hunt

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    Baby python is learning to hunt

    My python is having trouble learning how to hunt and kill his pinkies. He'll eat the thawed ones, but I'd much rather give him live ones, and let him learn how to hunt. But it took him three days to kill the last one. I know he was hungry and he killed it very sloppily, kinda like smashing it. Any advice?

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    The python is not meant to be a caged animal so his natural instincts have gone. He will eventually eat the food. Its like anything when hes hungry he will survive. If not give him the thawed ones and forget about him hunting.

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    Please also bear in mind that a live mouse and when the snake gets bigger, a live rat can inflict a nasty bite on your snake. I understand you wish to feed it live food however it's best to make sure the snake is actually interested before leaving the mouse in there or better still get some long tongs and hold the mouse by it's tail and move it by the snake. If the snake is hungry it will take it, if not the mouse get's to go back to it's own home for another day. It might be a good idea to buy a good python care book.

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