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First Time Chinchilla Questions

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    First Time Chinchilla Questions

    Over the last few months, my roommate and I have been interested in getting a chinchilla as a pet. Instead of just jumping into ownership with one we decided to do more research about them. I do however have some questions and would like to have some input from people who may know chinchillas better than others on the internet, and obviously know more than myself.

    • As a first time owner of a chinchilla, would you say that getting more than one chinchilla is suggested, or just one to begin with?

    • How often do you have to clean the cage/clean up poop?

    • Suggestions on cages (for one chinchilla vs two)?

    • Best food to give a chinchilla?

    Thank you.

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    Hey! I first got one chinchilla male, called spyro! He was about 1 when I bought him But after having him a few weeks he would often cry and call for a companion so I got another little chin from a baby and spyro took him under his wing! They are now inseparable and love Eachotger! I would recommend getting 2! It's lovely watching them together too

    I would recommend a cage being taller rather than wider like a bird cage! Mine are in a large bird cage! I would recommend putting lots of ledges and teirs for them to jump on! Also hanging beds and so on! But do bare in mind that all the interior of the cage will need to be re bought because they will basically destroy everything you place in their cage!

    You you will need to constantly clean up after your chins, they are actual pooping machines, it's constant. You'll always be hoovering around their cage and after play time. I clean my chins out about 2-3times a week one of those being a big clean where I clean the whole cage and the others just taking the poop out from the ledges and sides and stuff, but coins have hardly any smell nor does their poo! So that's good.

    I I feed my chins on pellets and not a mix because they will pick and choose their fave food in a mix but pellets have everything mashed into one! Also I give treats of raisens which is like a drug to them they absolutely go crazy for a raisen haha
    but they don't have many treats unfortunately they have very temperamental digestive systems so you have to keep a close eye on their diet! image.jpg This is my cage it usually has lots more bits in but it was cage cleaning day I hope this helps a little x

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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