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Empty Aquarium possibilities

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    Empty Aquarium possibilities


    I have an empty aquarium in the middle of my home, it is a see-through from the kitchen to the living room.

    It used to be filled with fish but after a power outage the whole ecosystem died and has not been restarted since.

    Now I am looking for some alternative possibilities for the aquirium instead of filling it with water and putting some fish in it.
    Does anyone have some alternative pets that can be kept in there?

    Its dimensions are about h*w*d = 80*200*120 all in cm

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    I imagine some pets can be kept in there with proper temperature, ventilation and lighting. I never did that, but I thought I'd mention that my husband made quite a nice cacti/succulent terrarium out of an old fish tank of ours. We often said that perhaps a snake or lizard or two would be able to live in it, but I have no experience with such pets and would want it to be as safe for them as possible.

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    Hi, I hope this can help! I currently keep mice in a 30 gallon long tank and they do great in it. Tanks are fine for small rodents (mice, hamsters, gerbils, NOT Guinea pigs or rats). You just need to make sure you have a secured mesh lid on top for ventilation. You also need to make sure the tank is large enough. How many gallons is it? Before keeping any critters in there make sure you clean it extremely thoroughly because you want to make sure there is no ammonia build up. If you have any questions about mice, hamsters, etc be sure to ask me

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    Actually a tank that size would be pretty good for a hamster as it is over 3,000 square inches if the dimensions are right.It would also be tall enough for about 1.5 feet of bedding which is also great,and should also hold a proper wheel as well.The only problem I see is that ventilation might not be very good.Hopefully this helps newer members or potential pet owners seeing this since by now the OP probably resolved the situation.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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