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How To Add A Smiley To Your Post

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    Lightbulb How To Add A Smiley To Your Post

    You can choose a Smiley from the forum, and click on it to put it in your post. You can also use the text option (underneath it) if it's easier for you. Here's the how-tos for Smileys.

    Use the Smiley icon above your post:

    Use the Go Advanced method for your post and your Smileys.

    See the Smileys on the right of your post, and click to see more:

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    Thanks for the tip Alpha! As you can tell from most of my posts I love the basic smiley face

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    She don't even have to really go to advance Alpha . She can just click on the Smile above this box and when it comes up click on More and the same one all come up as on advanced

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