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Norfolk Terrier needs a home in Colorado

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    Norfolk Terrier needs a home in Colorado

    Due to allergy issues we are not able to provide a proper home for our Norfolk terrier mix Penny. She is 1-2 years old, loves every person she meets, and does well with other dogs as well (mostly she just sits down and looks at them). She hardly barks at all and with all the dog toys in the world she loves an old tennis ball. Penny walks well on the leash and is mostly housebroken. She is going through crate training and is at the point where she will get through the night with no accidents.

    Penny has been spayed and micro-chipped and has the following vaccinations.

    We are located in Denver and can easily do a meet and greet around town. If not located near Denver Iím sure something can be worked out. We also have Pennyís crate, toys, and food that the prospective owners could have as well.

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    Penny is absolutely beautiful. Aren't you able to take any medications for allergies? If it were me I would exhaust all possibilities before rehoming my animal.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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