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Why is this cat acting so strange?

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    Quote Originally Posted by linda2147 View Post
    only a couple more weeks to go and Sandy will be spayed, just hope she doesn't come into heat before then. If she does she will go immediately to be spayed. No babies here.
    She probably won't go into heat first, but I think you are cutting it close.
    Beware of people who don't like cats.

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    A feral cat is a cat that has either no contact or it's contact has diminished over time with humans. So, a house cat can become feral. To the original poster, lots of cats live outdoors, it's their nature. If they have a farm then the cats are there to keep rodents away. Please make sure it is spayed and has regular vet check ups. It still needs flea and tick prevention, heartworm protection, and so on. Make sure it has a warm place to sleep.

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