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What's your dog's favorite toy?

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    What's your dog's favorite toy?

    Every dog has one! That one toy they just adore, carry around everywhere, or chew on constantly.

    Mine actually likes her little 'blue doggie' - it's the one in that old Petsmart commercial that the dachshund carried around everywhere.

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    His BALL! he is obsessed with it. I buy him lots of other toys, stuffed animals and such, but he is constantly obsessed with his ball. It gets kind of annoying, but I love my dog so much I couldn't see him living without his precious toy.

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    My dog loves his "monkey-bear." Monkey-bear is a blue stuffed animal (although he is no longer stuffed, as he was ripped open and de-stuffed on the first day) with a head like a teddy bear, but a body like a monkey. My dog doesn't really play with monkey-bear, but he does carry him around sometimes, and he always sleeps cuddled up with monkey-bear.

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    Shoes! We have bought him dozens of toys, but he won't play with them. But the second you take off your shoes he'll have them.

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    I never thought my dog liked toys except for her plastic fake looking tree branch with a lady bug on it. She has had it since she was a baby and still loves the thing until this day ( she is 7 now). Recently, she has added a stuffed cow pillow, she takes it everwhere!

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    My dogs favorite toy is my hand. I have a tiny dog, she is too small to play with tennis balls, play fetch, play tug-of-war, or any of the other typical ways to play with a dog. My dog prefers to wrestle around with my hand/forearm while I gently slap her around (I know it sounds bad, but its just play slapping).

    I wish she was bigger so she could play with regular toys, but I enjoy the intimacy of playing with her directly.

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    My dogs favourite toy is his bottle cruncher. He loved carrying plastic bottles around and chewing them but i always took them away from him as i didn't want him to choke or cut his mouth. This toy is like a soft toy, without stuffing, that has a cavity to put plastic bottles in.

    The fact that it has no stuffing is great as well because he's "gutted" all the soft toys he's ever had.

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    Her favorite toy is definitely a Kong. Sometimes i'll fill it with peanut butter and she'll spend all day just trying to lick out the inside.

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    My dog is still a baby so he chews on anything..especially my chews but he does sleep with a stuffed tigger toy. He loves him and gets really upset when anyone tries to take it away.

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    Cardboard? lol Its what he goes for whenever we leave him home alone. We come home to hundreds of little pieces everywhere!

    Other then that, he seems to really like his kong. Even when it is empty, he will still play with it!

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    I buy my dog a lot of expensive toys, but his favourite still seems to be a plastic bottle. I think it is just they way it sounds. But I was worried that this might be dangerous so i was reluctant to let him play with it, so after looking in a pet store I found a toy in which there seems to be a plastic bottle inside and my dogs loves it and its safe! Problem sloved!

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    We have a Black Boxer. It likes Nikes and Asics shoes the most.
    Have tried various other chew toys. Still prefers the shoe's over anything.

    Found a Michael Vick dog toy.
    May even try it next.

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    Up until a few months ago I had a roommate who's dog absolutely loved this plush toy duck that quacked. Terribly annoying sound, that was! But it kept puppy happy. By the time I was moving out, that duck was so worn down that the puppy would have to bite at it and bat at it incessantly until finally he hit the right spot and it would quack like a dying battery. >_<

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