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afraid of thunder

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    afraid of thunder

    My bordercollie mix is afraid of thunder. She paces the house, going back and forth from room to room and if its during the night she will come and jump on my bed and shake, pant, drool and just overall become scared. Then when the next thunder sounds she will jump off my bed and run through the house only to come back again to me.

    Ive tried to comfort her but end up failing, i will cuddle next to her and stroke her or try to get her mind on something else like food or play time, but that never seems to work. Ive made small dark places for her to hide in, like my closet and a plastic dog house inside, but she doesnt seem to like those. Any suggestions?

    Also my cat gets nervous also, she will go and sit in the middle of my hallway and just howl and moan, ive given her a nice small box up high on my dresser but she dosent like that either. Thank you

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    I find it best not to fuss over them, or tell them it's okay...that just makes things worse. You should just know that the dog will react that way, and go about your business without giving the thunder any extra attention or thought. The dog will calm down a little bit, and just stick close to you. Mine is the same way with fireworks and thunder. I don't even acknowledge that he's stressing out, and it has helped.

    Some folks have found sucess using these Thundershirts...

    Also, essential oils like lavender used on their collars, or beds/pillows will help relax them. Never put it directly on them or their noses or around their eyes, as it will irritate sensitive mucous membranes. This should also help the cat.

    Another option that people use is the non-alcohol version of Bach's Flower Remedies.

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    I think it's common. My dog barks non-stop whenever there's rain and thunder.

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