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*URGENT* dominance with new mice

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    *URGENT* dominance with new mice

    Hey, so I know it was my fault, I understand. Please no negative comments. So the other day I got 2 baby mice (grey and white & tan and white). I currently have 2 adult mice (Argenté & black and white). I put the baby's in the new cage with a barrier - fine. Took out the barrier - fine. There was sniffing but no fighting and a little chasing. So I left them alone for about 20 minutes. When I came back my Argenté had beat up my tan and white baby REALLY bad. She had cuts and her leg was hurt. I feel HORRIBLE to say the least. I separated them. Now what? And also she is limping, is her leg broken? Note: the baby mouse *might* be the runt of the litter, she is smaller than her sister. The 2 baby's are currently in the regular large cage and the others are temporarily in the cage I use while I'm cleaning. Thank you!

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    I would recommend getting to a vet that treats mice and get her there asap. You need to get her wounds taken care of and I hope you can find a vet in your area to help. Good luck with her and keep us posted.

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    Thank you Esme. Unfortunately we do not have a vet in our area that we are able to afford. When I checked in on her today it seems all her wounds have closed and she is still limping but is useing her leg. If you or anyone can help with a way to introduce them that would be great. I'd rather not have to get another cage to keep them separated. Thank you!

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    I never kept mice, but this may help.

    I bought a new mouse for the two I have at home but the older more dominant mouse keeps fighting with her.
    I did some research and made to decision to fight this, rather than just take the littler mouse back to the
    pet shop. Normally you would want a second cage and put them next to each other so both mice get used to all
    the smells, but I didnt have a second cage, all I could do was leave a mouse outside my one cage so they wouldnt
    fight, but i didnt wanna torture the poor creature, isolating one female mouse will depress her. so heres what
    i did:

    (I am in no way an expert, this is simply what i did after gathering the research i read, if your serious about this, do the research yourself)

    WARNING: Injury is possible. Please watch all the videos i made for this and you'll see what can happen to you if you're not careful enough. Have a first-aid kit ready.

    1. Find Neutral Territory.
    The most important thing you need when introducing mice is to put them in an area that does not belong
    to either mouse. Without her smell around, the dominant mouse wont be so hastey to defend something thats not hers, mice are very territorial, and they need to accept each other on neutral terms. Which is why they arent fighting on my couch,
    a place neither mouse has ever layed paws on. Smell is key.

    2. Security
    In neutral territory youre the boss and you need to be ready to break up a fight if one starts. Wear gloves, i cannot stress this enough, youll see why in a later part to this, if your gonna use your hands to pick one up or just touch them to create a distraction, wear something to protect your hands. IF not, use a
    squirt bottle to spray them with water when they fight, they're gonna have to stop to clean themselves. I used an old windex bottle I cleaned out and filled that with room temperature water.

    3. Asosiation
    They need to assosiate happy feelings when they see each other, if all they wanna do is fight amongst themselves then you need to creat distractions so theyre more tempted to be happy instead of dominant, I gave them treats so they would feel good everytime they got together. its also a good distraction from the tension, keep them busy and happy. If you can, add shelters, tubes and toys, but make sure theyre all clean of any kind of smells, dont add toys that belong to another mouse already.

    4. Watch
    Mice will tell you what theyre feeling. If shes just sitting there squinting her eyes then shes uncomfortable, but not hostile until she starts vibrating her tail. If she stands on her hind legs and vibrates her tail, it means shes taking a battle stance and will attack, try keeping them seperate if one of them is like that. however, dont confuse that with a mouse not vibrating her tail, standing on her kind legs, with her eyes perked up, because that stance means shes curious and very playful. You'll know when they fight, but a better way for a mouse to establish dominance is to clean the smaller mouse's neck. I watched mine hold her down and clean her, this is fine as long as shes not getting hurt. Meaning as long as she doesn't squeak, everything is fine. Mice are quiet rodents, they dont squeek unless there is something wrong, youll see the older one squeek when the little one starts playing but obviously they're not fighting so i dont do anything. Dont stress them out by spraying them or anything if you dont need to, theyll just end up hating you.

    5. Be Patient and Think Smart
    Dont just force them to like each other, think of them as kids and your the teacher, you need to be patient with them and
    be the boss without being a jerk. These things take time, so give them time to adjust. This probably wont happen overnight, so don't get furstrated, and make sure you have all the spare time you need to make these exercises.

    (I do not take responsibility for any harm, death or injury. Let me make this as plain as i can in simple English, this is just what i did, dont follow my advice if your not willing to take responsibility for whatever happens. If you have any questions Ill be happy to answer them, but im not a mouse expert.)

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    Thank you so much. This was very helpful 🙂

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