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Portable AC?

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    Question Portable AC?

    Hey all, We are taking our pets on a 3 month cross country road trip this summer. I have a travel trailer with AC and for those (hopefully very few) times we may have to leave them, we are putting them in the kennel in the trailer. I'm a little concerned that the AC might not work unless we are hooked up to an outlet (we are waiting on a call back from the sales guy at the dealership for further information). I was wondering if anybody knows of, or has tried out a portable AC unit for pets that will run off the trailer battery? I've found a couple online but the sites look a bit sketchy. If anybody has tried one they like I would love to know! We have traveled with them before and have normally had good luck finding restaurants and such that allow them. However, there have been a couple of instances where we had trouble. I'm trying to cover all my bases.
    Thank you!

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    I would think anything that runs off the battery will draw a lot of juice and go dead before long. Also if they are crated I would have fans blowing on them in addition to the ac. A crate is very cramped and it won't take long to get really hot in there and you wouldn't want them to overheat while you are out. I would just look for places where the ac can be plugged in and avoid any chance of something happening to them.
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    Hmm. Yes, we have a fan as well. The crate is the wire kind so shouldn't hold any extra heat. The travel trailer battery will recharge off of the truck alternator once we start the truck. Do you think it would die in less than an hour? That's good information - I'll have to check on that. I didn't even think of it and I'm trying to cover everything. Goal 1: Find dog friendly places Goal 2 (if 1 fails) find places to plug into for the AC Goal 3 (if 1 and 2 fail) Portable AC.. hopefully. Thank you for the information!

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    We have a slide in truck camper, but we have no air or furnace. We usually camp in mountain areas, so we stay away from the heat. I have no idea about ACs, and I don't know if this company is good, just saw it on a search. They have something cheap and small that may work if it's high quality.

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    Thank you! Interesting concept! I'll check it out.

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    A AC and fans will make it even cooler in the travel trailer. Don't want them over heating!!!

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