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Do I need to take her to the emergency vet?

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    Do I need to take her to the emergency vet?

    Hey Everyone, if anyone has any vet experience, my poor Sadie got her back foot run over tonight. Luckily the rest of her body was not hit. Her foot has swollen up and her foot is skinned. Do I need to take her to the emergency vet do you think or is it OK to wait to take her to her normal vet?


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    ADL I would definitely go to the Er Vet why would you want to wait? She is probably having a lot of pain!

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    I agree, I'd take her to emergency, she may need xrays, antibiotics and definitely pain meds....good luck.

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    would definitely take her to emergency! hope shes ok.

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    Just an update on this, I ended up taking her to the emergency vet shortly after this post, and after a checkup all is well. no broken bones, just a little skinned up. The Vet said no fun for 2 to 3 weeks and gave us some meds but other than that looks like she's going to be ok!

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    Thank goodness you took Sadie to the emergency vet clinic and nothing is broken. That could have been so much worse. You'll just have to keep an eye on her.

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