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Cant decide

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    Lightbulb Cant decide

    Hi there, I need new pet bed for my Monster but I cant decide. I decide between these two beds. What do you think? c=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR160%2C160_&refRID=1GCKFHW 9CJ27X0QZQDQX

    The first one is pretier and looks higher-quality but it is a little bit costly. Do you have some experience?


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    Hi Kate! What kind of a cat do you have? Does it have very short hair and often cold? If so, I'd pick the second one. I think cats like to curl up and lean on something, so not sure the first one would be good for security and snuggling.

    When I first got my kitten, I bought two cheap cat beds, he refused to use either one. He either sleeps with me in my bed, or curls up in the nesting section of his cat scratcher. I also leave the hard Pet Taxi with a soft folded towel in it, he's there right now with me in the computer room.

    I can't say any of my cats in the past ever used beds either, usually a couch, chair or bed does them fine.

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    Thank you I hope that I find some bed what she will love it because her hair are everywhere and it makes me mad..

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    How about one of those soft things that turn into a tunnel like thing They seem to always like to go in them

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