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Does your cat play with toys?

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    Some cats just prefer to have simple things like a toilet tissue roll or a hair tie to play with!

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    Aryn will play with the tiny mice that come in a 3 pack. her all time favorite toy is Q-Tips. She will steal a bunch at a time, and when the cotton is worn off, steal more.

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    Yes my cats love toys. She like to play with ball.

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    My cat enjoys a tunnel cat toy, he cant go a day without it.

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    I fostered a cat that did not play, I guess some cats don't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eslucky View Post
    My cat really doesn't care too much about playing with toys. I think he would rather just be outside playing with nature or inside sleeping and eating. It seems like many cats love to play with toys and interact with their owner. Does your cat play with toys? What kind of toys are the favorites?
    My cat is indoor only and has no problem playing with nature. If I see a bug, I let her play with it. She thinks bugs are toys. The only problem is she does not always realized she just swallowed cone LOL.
    Keep your cats inside and safe.

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