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'Most intellegent dogs' learn trick quickly?

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    'Most intellegent dogs' learn trick quickly?

    Hey guys,

    So here's a question for the budding dog psychologists and trainers. Do you think it's correct that if you want to spend loads of time with your dog, and teach him lots of advanced tricks and interaction, that you should get one of the more 'intellegent dogs'? Obviously some dogs are regarded as being more intellegent (Collies, Labradors, etc.). In my experience though, these more intellegents breeds are often the most easily distracted. My aunt had an incredible little mongrel terrier, probably not highly regarded for his smarts as a pedigree, yet he was the most incredibly trained dog i've ever seen! He had a huge vocab and knew well over 50 tricks. I'd love to have a dog like this and am considering getting a dog soon. Though it would be good to hear some thoughts. Thanks a lot.


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    Hi. I know my response to this is a little late however since no response was given, I'll try my best to provide you with an explanation.

    Canine intelligence can be perceived differently. For instance, breeds that are known for their independence such as dachshunds and JRTs can be perceived as smart because they are capable of keeping themselves occupied unlike other breeds who excel when they work for a certain purpose. Herding dogs such as border collies are considered the smartest because of the level of learning they are capable of as a breed compared to others.

    When it comes to tricks, the most intelligent dog accounted for is a Border Collie living in Austria who is capable of memorizing 300 items. Basically, when you say an item (out of the 300 it knew), she was able to bring it to you. To top it off, she was also able to bring the items kept in another room to the person who showed her a picture of it. This was aside from the 300 items she already knew.

    You can check out Betsy in the Secret Life of the Dog.

    Just jump to 08:30.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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