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    My parents got our cats a cat house or cat tree, whatever you want to call it, so of course they scratch it up, but the one we have indoors, its been scratched up so much, that the threads of the padding is falling a part that its threads hang on the side, as bits and pieces of the padding fall off or stick out. Here's photos of the house below.

    My question here, is would it be okay to cut off the threads sticking out on the sides of the boards on this house, or if cutting those threads off, will it prevent our cats from clawing at the house anymore? I am just trying to keep the house more neat and clean, so wanted to cut all of those threads hanging off so its more cleaner etc.

    What do you think I should do?

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    you can cut off the ragged edges and buy thissle rope, which is what is on it now, replace the old ratty stuff with the new rope and they'll be happily scratching away in no time.
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    I always cut off the threads that hang off of my cat's scratcher. Some people actually replace the carpet if it gets too worn.

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    I covet your batman curtain tie. It's cute.

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    You could have the carpet replaced or go for thissle rope as Linda has mentioned. If well fixed, it would be as good as new.

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