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Anteater for a Pet?

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    Anteater for a Pet?

    I really would like an Anteater for a pet. I know this might sound unusual and it is but I think they're really cute and fascinating. I either want a Tamandua or Silky. would just like to know if there's anyone who's had/have one for a pet? What does it eat, how to take care of properly? Also, if this is a pet I should have? I don't know that much about what they like or if they make good pets or even if they should be taken out of their wild habitat.If you have trouble believing an anteater could be cute, take a look at this photo:anteater-1321646747.jpgOr this video

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    That does look like a little cutie, could fall in love with that one pretty easily. I never had an anteater, but here's a page with som feeding and care info from someone who owns several.

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    Oh my gosh, that little guy is adorable! I would also be interested in learning more about the possibility of one of these guys as a pet. That would be so cool and unique. I wonder if my cat would get along with an anteater? Would it live in a cage or have free run like cats and dogs? It kind of reminds me of a ferret in some ways, just the look of it in the photo. So cute how it clings onto that person's hand!

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    the size of the anteater is suprising. I did not realize they were so small.

    So what do you feed them, just ants?

    Here is a cute vid of anteater eating ants from a glass:

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    HOW PRECIOUS!!! I would love to have an anteater!
    I have no idea where i would even find one though. I have never seen one in the stores around here

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    Where do I get one! I want an anteater so bad it's driving me crazy!

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