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Misc. Pet Picture Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dog Force One View Post
    I stumbled across this photo someone else posted somewhere else.

    "Me and my dog Bear on the day we brought him home and the day before we had to put him down. He would have turned 16 today.." - by GlobalGator Jul 17 2013
    Oh that photo put a lump in my throat but you could see the love between the 2 no matter what the age. Thanks for sharing this heart tugging photo
    “Save a life and save a stray”

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    Little dog poking out of a big pickup, seen today waiting for his family outside a convenience store where I was catching lunch. The window was rolled all the way down, the engine was running, and the air-con was on.

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    I love all these pics, thanks for sharing!
    I love pets and I love Silky!

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    drool m.jpg

    From this article about the rescue of a shelter dog who drooled nonstop out of fear

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    Awe, poor thing. I'm glad she/he got saved!
    I love pets and I love Silky!

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    Beautiful color, texture, and feeling in this picture taken from a random video.

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