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Baby rabbit with eyes closed, what could it be?

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    Baby rabbit with eyes closed, what could it be?

    Hello all

    I was out on my bike and I saw a baby wild rabbit sat on the road in the tyre line. So I stopped to move it of the road. When I approached it I thought it would run away but I didn't. It any moved when I made a noise. I picked it up and it felt quite light, and placed in on the verge. I did notice it had both of its eyes shut, no swelling around them, one was a bit wet. I was just thinking what it could be and could the rabbit be saved, I just hope its not mixie.



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    the only option is to take it to a vet and see what the problem is and can it be cured. If left to itself it will die, maybe its a young baby and the mom knows there is something wrong so she abandoned it. Maybe a vet can help, maybe not. But I see no other way to know what's going on without seeing a vet
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    Poor thing is sick. He really needs help

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