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[URGENT/TIME SENSITIVE.] Mice not getting along

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    Exclamation [URGENT/TIME SENSITIVE.] Mice not getting along

    After speaking to my vet about the quarantine period, we decided to give it only two days before introducing them. Usually, I wouldn't even take her word for it, but considering the circumstances with little Maier (The eldest mouse.) I decided it was probably best.
    I know I seem to be asking a ton of silly questions - I haven't owned mice since 2013, I'm forgetting the basics. Sorry!

    I introduced them first with vanilla extract dabbed on their fur - I'd picked this up from an experienced owner who'd made a video in 2011. The cage had been cleaned and re-arranged beforehand. Nevertheless, Maier was pinning the new mouse to the floor and squeaking in seconds.
    I took it to neutral ground; the bathtub. They got along fine in here, I guess. They ignored eachother really; Maier was just eager to get out.
    Later, I'd introduced them again in Maier's rearranged cage. As before, she had the new mouse on her back and was persistently chasing her. I've separated them for the time being.

    I guess my problem is: I can't tell when one is about to draw blood, or when the time comes to separate them.
    It's sort of stressful, to both me and the mice.

    The cage the new mouse is being held in is far too small to be used for much longer - I need to get them used to each other quickly. Am I separating them too early?

    (Additional info; optional to read; The reason this is so time sensitive and urgent, is that, for one, Maier is sneezing from stress, likely from being kept alone for a while, and it's just unfair to her. Secondly, is that the breeder agreed to take the mouse back, but will only accept her back 14 days after she was bought - if they aren't friendly before then, I cannot keep her; this is due to a majority of reasons, mostly for the mouses health and safety. Keep in mind I am very very busy recently, as my grandmother is in the hospital currently as well.)

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    Possible try to buy a large bin and make a bin cage out of it and then divide it with the divider of some kind that fits snugly and then with the divider make sure it has holes in it so they can smell each other every couple of days swhich what size they live on and if it seems to be getting along try to remove the divider and see how they get along

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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