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Dealing With a Greek Tort.

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    Dealing With a Greek Tort.

    Hi all. I have had a Greek tort (Oli) for just over five years, but I had never had a pet before neither had I dealt with any animal. I did a lot of research on the net, and things did become easier day by day.

    I live in Jordan, in a very climate therefore I keep Oli's enclosure humid by spraying it with water every now and again, and give him two to three daily soaks in hot weather. There is a UVB lamp in his enclosure and soil.

    Regret to say that here in the Middle East there is little or no care for pets/animals. I had to order Oli's food (Mazuri and cuttlefish) from the UK. However, he had got used to eating Roman lettuce, tomatoes, which I know are not good for torts.

    Any advise would be highly appreciated.


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    WELCOME to the forum I think it's great that you have researched this type of pet and even can order online for Oli. I have no experience with them but I found this on Reptile Magazine and hope it helps:

    Greek Tortoise Care Sheet by CHRIS LEONE
    Greek Tortoise Food
    Greek tortoises spend much of their time gazing on edible landscape. For this reason, it is an excellent and healthy idea to offer weeds such as dandelion, clover, plantain, hawksbit, cat’s ear, wild strawberry and thistle. When these items are not available (often during the winter months), they can be replaced by dried, bagged organic herbs. These can be found online.
    Store-bought greens such as collard, mustard, kale and turnip can be offered sparingly. Commercial diets such as Mazuri Tortoise Diet are excellent for helping Greek tortoises to maintain good weight, but again, should be offered only in moderation. Calcium supplements in the form of cuttlebone are wonderful additions to their diet; the tortoises will gladly nibble on them.
    Greek Tortoise Water
    Many Greek tortoises originate from extremely arid habitats while others are found in more temperate locations. Regardless of their origin, all Greek tortoises need to stay hydrated. A shallow water dish should be available at all times for drinking and soaking, and it should be cleaned/changed frequently. Tortoises defecate in their water, so keeping the supply clean is a must. Greek tortoises also appreciate an occasional misting of their environment, which prompts them to empty their bowels and drink.
    Greek Tortoise Handling and Temperament
    Similar to most turtles and tortoises, Greek tortoises do not like to be held. They should be picked up only when absolutely necessary, such as prior to being soaked, cleaning of the enclosure and health checks. While they tend to become very responsive to their keepers and will approach for food, they should not be over-handled by any means.
    Greek tortoises are easy-going, friendly and interactive, but like all reptiles, they should never be overly stressed.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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