Good evening all, I had a few questions about how horses react to climates in general as i have been considering owning one once i can get settled down in a place of my own. I have been considering various places as far as location, with Alaska being one of them, but also several places in Colorado like Silverton, Telluride, etc. As far as breed, i have considered various ones but most have said a quarter horse would be the best choice for someone that's never had a horse of their own before. So my two main questions here, can horses tolerate the long winter that Alaska has, as well as the cold temperature for most of the year? And should i relocate to colorado, can horses tolerate the high elevation, especially in areas like Eagle Valley which is over 7,000 feet above sea level on the western side of Vail Summit, on the west side of Denver. Its a beautiful area and one I've been through several times, but before i choose a place i want to be sure to do the proper research since I'd really like to have a few animals around. For those of us who know anything about railways, Eagle Valley is on the ex-DGRW Tennessee Pass line, a little east of the old helper station at Minturn. The tracks are still there and word is that UP might take this line out of embargo if the traffic flow necessitates it.