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Feeding gold fish

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    Feeding gold fish

    Ever since we got 6 pond goldfish my dad constantly feeds them. He insists that they look hungry simply because they swim to the surface and I wanted to know if it's bad to feed them too much

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    Honestly I only feed my fish once in the morning and once at night, typically a fish will spit out food they don't want because they're full but I have heard some fish can and have been over fed. Usually you can tell if they're over fed by looking at their tummy if it's got a bulge or not. They say to only feed enough food that the fish can consum within so many seconds, I doubt your goldfish will die BUT I think he should avoid constantly feeding them like that.

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    Hello! I would recommend feeding your goldfish once every morning. Although they will come for more food, that doesn't mean they need it. If you overfeed a goldfish, the uneaten food will rot. Rotting food creates ammonia which is highly toxic to goldfish.

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    Goldfish should be fed 2 to 3 times a day, overfeeding them may result in indigestion and contamination of the aquarium.

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    Fish do not know when to quit when it comes to feeding. Just because they look hungry, it does not mean they really need more food.

    Your dad is overfeeding fish. Overfeeding fish is one of the major causes of fish loss. It can kill them directly with indigestion. Food can expand in their stomach and kill them. The extra food will also pollute the water. Fish will poop more when they eat more. As a result, more ammonia is produced.

    Do not feed fish more than once a day. Do not leave any uneaten fish food in the fish tank or pond.

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    The main problems from uneaten food in the bottom of the tank, or stuck in unchanged filter media, is not as much about ammonia as it is about increased phosphate and lowered pH. If you aren't testing for those parameters, you should be. Maybe showing your dad the out of wack test results will convince him that the over feeding is going to hurt the fish. Also, you should do as much research as possible on water parameters that apply specifically to goldfish, and maintain the proper parameters.

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